Library Employees to Receive Online Services Training from Amigos

Library Employees to Receive Online Services Training from Amigos

Screen shot of the MSU Libraries' homepageOn Thursday, January 7, 2021 twenty employees of the Missouri State University Libraries will receive special training from Amigos Library Services on the topic of providing excellent online library services. With the current pandemic forcing many library users to seek out and use our online content and services, the demand for online library services is growing both locally and around the globe. 

Getting research help online is easy. Just click on the “chat now” tab in the pop out chat box on the website. The faculty and staff members of the MSU Libraries who are scheduled to participate in this online training include:

  1. David Adams
  2. Crystal Dicke
  3. Grace Jackson-Brown
  4. Tracy Stout
  5. Andy Lokie
  6. Joshua Lambert
  7. Paige Harp
  8. Sue Reichling
  9. Chansouk Ragsdale
  10. Melissa Eiken
  11. Anne Baker
  12. Tracie Gieselman-France
  13. Shannon Mawhiney
  14. Andrea Miller
  15. Shirley Moentnish
  16. Scott Fischer
  17. Holly Kouns
  18. Karen Durden
  19. Dan Rose
  20. Jeffrey Lawson

  21. Shannon Conlon- standby
  22. Jan Johnson- standby
  23. Brooks Travis- standby
  24. Lindsey Taggart- standby
  25. Rachel Besara on standby 
  26. Tom Peters on standby

One of the major areas of emphasis in the current five-year plan for the MSU Libraries is “Digital First.” While much of our content and many of our services have been available online for some time, the current pandemic has made the need to provide more and better online content and services paramount. 

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