Amigos Membership Continues

Amigos Membership Continues

Amigos logoThe Missouri State University Libraries has renewed its annual membership in the Amigos library consortium, based in Dallas.

As Amigos describes their mission, “We are a not-for-profit membership-based organization dedicated to serving libraries. At Amigos Library Services, we understand the needs and concerns faced by libraries and cultural heritage institutions. We’re librarians too. That is why we take pride in being one of the largest library service networks in the nation. Whether it’s for continuing educationmember discounts, or professional advice, we are here for you.” 

Amigos has 524 member libraries in many states, including Arkansas, Arizona, California, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. 

The MSU Libraries receives several benefits from this membership, including discounts on key e-journals and e-resources, continuing education opportunities for library faculty and staff, webinars and online conferences on key issues and opportunities facing today’s libraries, and a link to Amigos’ courier services through our principal courier service, MALA (Mid-America Library Alliance). 

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