“Onward Upward” Campaign Updates

“Onward Upward” Campaign Updates

Funding Priorities for the MSU Libraries

As part of the current OnwardUpward Campaign of Missouri State University, a booklet describing the funding priorities for many major areas of endeavor for Missouri State University has been published. It includes a two-page spread about the funding priorities of the Missouri State University Libraries. 

Although many ongoing funding efforts are needed to support the continued success of the MSU Libraries, two Libraries Funding Priorities have been identified that may appeal to prospective donors during this capital campaign:

  1. Ozarks Studies Institute:  “The institute’s goal is to preserve the heritage of the Ozarks. It’s a multidisciplinary effort that stretches across the university and beyond. When you support the Ozarks Studies Institute, you help us promote a unique sense of place.” 

  2. Outdoor Study and Green Space: “Creating an outdoor study environment away from formal classrooms will help foster activity, connectivity, and creativity. This space could encourage impromptu meetings, discussions, and study opportunities.” 
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