Content and Use of BearWorks Repository Climbs

Content and Use of BearWorks Repository Climbs

The bear in the Magna Carta Room of Duane G. Meyer LibraryBearWorks, the Institutional Repository at Missouri State University, managed by the MSU Libraries, is growing. Both the amount of information about MSU publications, and the use of the content, have increased significantly in recent years. 

  • Uploads of citations of MSU faculty publications

    • CY19: 1,043 citations of MSU faculty publications were added.
    • CY20: 3,200 citations were added, more than a threefold increase  
    • CY21 (Jan thru May): 3,346 citations uploaded, already a new annual record.

  • Downloads of MSU theses. BearWorks contains citations to 3,564 theses, of which 1,784 include the full text.
    • CY18: monthly average downloads was 2,953
    • CY19: monthly average downloads was 4,324
    • CY20: monthly average downloads was 9,118, more than double the previous year
    • CY21 to date: monthly average downloads of 9,294

    • Theses with the top-ten highest monthly downloads average between 91 and 149 downloads per month.
    • The thesis with the most downloads per month to date is “Iran as a Strategic Threat to the U.S. in the Middle East and Its Impact on U.S. Policy in the Region” with 8,400 downloads. 

      BearWorks is made possible by a collaborative effort between the Office of the Provost, the Graduate College, and the Libraries. 
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