Cataloging Correctly for Kids (6th ed.) Published

Cataloging Correctly for Kids (6th ed.) Published

Cover of Cataloging Correctly for KidsThe sixth edition of the popular, acclaimed professional book, Cataloging Correctly for Kids: An Introduction to the Tools and Practices, has been published by the American Library Association. Two Library Science Faculty members at MSU made significant contributions to this book. Marilyn McCroskey, who recently retired, is one of the three co-editors of this volume. Raegan Wiechert contributed a chapter, “Cataloging for Children in an Academic Library.” 

The description of the book notes:

“Cataloging library materials for children in the internet age has never been as challenging or as important. RDA: Resource Description and Access is now the descriptive standard, there are new ways to find materials using classifications, and subject heading access has been greatly enhanced by the keyword capabilities of today’s online catalogs. It’s the perfect moment to present a completely overhauled edition of this acclaimed bestseller. The new sixth edition guides catalogers, children’s librarians, and LIS students in taking an effective approach towards materials intended for children and young adults. Informed by recent studies of how children search, this handbook’s top-to-bottom revisions address areas such as

  • how RDA applies to a variety of children’s materials, with examples provided;  
  • authority control, bibliographic description, subject access, and linked data;
  • electronic resources and other non-book materials; and
  • cataloging for non-English-speaking and preliterate children.

With advice contributed by experienced, practicing librarians, this one-stop resource offers a complete overview of the best methods for enabling children to find the information they want and need.” 

Congratulations, Marilyn and Raegan!

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