E-Resource Spotlight: UN iLibrary

E-Resource Spotlight: UN iLibrary

United Nations flagSince the year 2000, the Duane G. Meyer Library has been a United Nations (UN) depository library. As a result, we have many physical and digital resources about the UN and its work in history. Each year, the UN publishes a vast range of valuable and reliable information. The UN stopped printing books in 2014, but now creates digital books, articles, and media and makes them available in a database called the UN iLibrary. 

The UN iLibrary contains approximately 9,000 titles and adds around 500 more each year. These documents range from articles, manuals, papers, journals, books, videos, and more. The documents contain research covering the United Nations’ priorities, for example, agriculture, economic and social development, human rights, international trade and finance, and world health issues such as COVID-19. 

If you or your class are interested in learning more about the UN iLibrary through class instruction or research consultation, please feel free to contact MSU’s government document librarian, Joshua Lambert. 

Following are some recent and relevant documents. Note that you will have to be on campus or login to access these links. 

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