‘Lyn Meyer, Spouse of Duane G. Meyer, Passes

‘Lyn Meyer, Spouse of Duane G. Meyer, Passes

'Lyn and Duane Meyer, standing in front of Meyer LibraryMarilyn Yvonne Hansen (‘Lyn) Meyer, beloved spouse of the late Duane G. Meyer, for whom the main library on the Springfield campus of Missouri State University is named, passed away on April 20, 2020 in Dallas Texas. She was 89 years old. 

The obituary published in the Springfield News-Leader highlights her amazing life of determination, creativity, and devotion.

She was born in Little Rock, and grew up in Chicago.  Her undergraduate degree was from the University of Dubuque. She was an excellent singer. ‘Lyn and Duane met when they were in the University choir. As a young married couple, they both earned advanced degrees at the University of Iowa. They were married 64 years. 

‘Lyn was very active as a community volunteer and philanthropist. She also was a very good artist and creative writer of both poetry and short stories. And she was a master gardener and designer of flower arrangements. She is survived by four children, nine grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. Thanks, ‘Lyn, for being a shining example of MSU’s Public Affairs mission. 



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