Financial Literacy Initiatives in Springfield

Financial Literacy Initiatives in Springfield

Governor Parson, Ambassador Mitchel, and a childInformation Literacy is an important service at the Missouri State University Libraries, and it has many diverse facets, including, for example, media literacy and financial literacy.

Ambassador V. Mitchell, MSEd. from MSU, is one of the leading experts on Child Financial Literacy in Springfield, Missouri and serves on the Prosper Springfield Financial Literacy Committee, headed by Francine Pratt. Ambassador states, “Financial Literacy is an asset, and children should be taught about money often, at an early age.” Recently he also consulted with the MSU Libraries concerning financial literacy strategies for college students.

Recently, as part of a “All Pro Dad and Child Financial Literacy” event held in Springfield, Governor Mike Parson ate breakfast with kids and dads at David Harrison Elementary School to encourage men to be active in their family’s life. 

The event was an outgrowth of a pilot “Study to Examine the Financial Literacy of First Grade Students,” which was conducted at Missouri State University. The research was guided by Dr. Kurk Killion, Mathematics Professor, Dr. Gay Ragan, Mathematics Professor, Melinda Hammerschmidt, Ph.D, Education, and conducted by Ambassador V. Mitchell. The study revealed that children as young as first grade could differentiate between needs and wants. However, they did not quite understand the value of money.

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