Check Out the Tech Devices in Duane G. Meyer Library

Check Out the Tech Devices in Duane G. Meyer Library

Oculus Go Virtual Reality headsetThe Duane G. Meyer Library has an exciting array of technology available for students, staff, and faculty to check out. The library has almost 20 computers, including Windows laptops, Macbooks, and Chromebooks. We also have an iPad, Samsung tablet, and Microsoft Surface. These devices check out for three days. Some of the other most popular items that patrons checkout for two hours are charging cords of many kinds, and dry erase markers.

Classes and students from around the campus check out the Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Go augmented and virtual reality headsets. People use the video and still cameras with tripods for class projects, interviews, and other activities. For those interested in robots, we have the TurtleBot3 Waffle and Hamburger.

Other than the items already mentioned, patrons can check the following items out at the Meyer Library Information Desk:

  • Microphones for cameras and computers.
  • Tabletop projectors and projector screens
  • Handheld audio recorders
  • Graphing calculator 
  • Wireless or wired computer mice 
  • Video cables and adapters
  • Wacom tablets
  • Portable DVD players

If we do not have a type of equipment that you would like to check out, please let the staff at the main service desk on the First Level know. 

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