Poet Visits Haseltine Library

Poet Visits Haseltine Library

Photo of Catherine Broaddus, Marilyn Broaddus, Loren Michael Broaddus, and author Loren Broaddus during their recent visit to Haseltine Library. Loren holds a copy of his most recent publication, Joe DiMaggio Moves like Liquid Light: Poems.
Author Loren Broaddus, along with family members Catherine, Marilyn, Loren Michael, during their recent visit to Haseltine Library.

Greenwood parent and author, Loren Broaddus, along with his family, stopped by Haseltine Library at Greenwood Laboratory School on the campus of Missouri State University on Monday to sign a copy of his poetry book, Joe DiMaggio Moves Like Liquid Light : Poems.

Mr. Broaddus has been writing for many years and he combined his love of baseball, poetry, and additional personal poems to create this latest published work.

More information about his writing can be found at https://www.readpoetry.com/loren-broaddus/.  



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