New, Improved Recycling Receptacles in Duane G. Meyer Library

New, Improved Recycling Receptacles in Duane G. Meyer Library

Recycling receptaclesTo encourage recycling, and by extension reduce the amount of trash generated from public spaces, Meyer Library is conducting a trial of two sets of new recycling and trash containers. Each set consists of one paper, one bottle/can, and one trash container.

For the trial Meyer Library chose Rubbermaid Untouchable 23 gallon containers with lids. The trash container is black with a square-holed lid. The paper recycling container is blue with a narrow slot while the bottle/can container is green with a round hole.

Visual cues play a part in recycling – both encouraging recycling and providing guidance on which containers items go into. The colors were chosen because recycling containers need to be easily identifiable as to their purpose and noticeable within their surroundings. The traditional colors associated with recycling  are blue and green.  Containers of these colors, along with the universal recycling logo, and shape of the hole in the lid help as visual prompts on their presence and purpose. The trash container is labeled “landfill,” emphasizing the destination of items placed in it.

For this trial, one set of containers is located right next to the public elevators on the second level. The other is located right next to the Music and Media service desk on the second level. Please use them!

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