OzarksWatch Fall Issue: End-of-Life Customs

OzarksWatch Fall Issue: End-of-Life Customs

The Fall 2018 issue of OzarksWatch Magazine, a publication of the Ozarks Studies Institute, an initiative of the MSU Libraries, is now out. The theme of this issue is “End-of-Life Customs in the Ozarks.”

Cover of OzarksWatch MagazineArticle topics include:

  • Cemetery symbolism
  • Reminiscences of an African-American funeral director
  • History of segregation in Springfield’s Hazelwood Cemetery
  • Efforts to preserve and record the history of Ozarks cemeteries
  • The unorthodox funeral of Rose O’Neill
  • Ozark burial customs
  • The rural cemetery movement
  • Grave dowsing
  • The Iberia Academy
  • Part III in the series of articles about Art Song in the Ozarks
  • A beautiful photographic essay about frost flowers
  • An excerpt from The Valley Calls, an unpublished work of fiction from the 1940s
  • Six book reviews

The themes for the Spring 2019 issue of OzarksWatch Magazine will be the end of Prohibition, Moonshine, and other libations.

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