Trends in MSU’s Use of Core MOBIUS Systems and Services

Trends in MSU’s Use of Core MOBIUS Systems and Services

Screenshot of the SWAN catalogThe MOBIUS Consortium Office in Columbia recently provided the Library Administration at the MSU Libraries with some data, gleaned primarily from Google Analytics, of trends in recent years of usage of core systems and services provided by MOBIUS to its member libraries.

Some trends:

  • The number of users annually of the MSU Catalog declined by 17.7% from FY15 to FY18. During the same time period, the size of the MSU community of students, faculty, and staff grew by 8.0%.
  • Circulation of library materials declined by 12.5% from FY15 to FY18.
  • Between FY16 and FY19 the fees paid by the MSU Libraries to MOBIUS (excluding e-resource subscription fees) rose 12.9% (more than $20,700)
  • The average length of a session in the MSU Catalog usually ranges from approximately three to eight minutes, depending on the year and the type of device being used.

Members of the Intellectual Access and Assets Management (IAAM) Committee of the MSU Libraries continue to study these and other fundamental changes in information needs, preferences, behaviors, and potential solutions.


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