Libraries Scores High on University Exit Exam

Libraries Scores High on University Exit Exam

The University Exit Exam (UEE) is a graduation requirement for all undergraduate students at Missouri State University. Beginning in August 2017 and continuing through the academic year, the University Exit Exam has been expanded to add two items gauging student attitudes toward MSU Libraries’ overall value and services. The responses of all students who completed the Fall 2017 administration of the UEE are presented below.

The first question asked: The MSU Libraries provides books, media, databases, services, and study spaces to help students with research. How valuable were MSU Libraries while you were a student at MSU?  Sixty-nine percent of the students who responded (n=1,426) stated that they considered the Libraries to be either “very valuable” or “valuable.”

The second question asked:

2. Please check all the library areas that apply to your answer: (n=1,380)

logo of the University Exit ExamStudy spaces (n=1174) 85.07%

Databases (n=971) 70.36%

Services (n=799) 57.90%

Books (n=693) 50.22%

Media (n=535) 38.77%

As the responses are tabulated from future graduating MSU students, the MSU Libraries will monitor the trends.




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