AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the MSU Libraries

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the MSU Libraries

Duane G. MeyerThe Missouri State University Libraries is actively exploring using artificial intelligence to assist with the basic functions of an academic library. Here are two promising AI applications:

Using AI to Assist with Creating Metadata

Representatives from Meyer Library are in conversation with OCLC reps concerning an upcoming AI metadata and cataloging resource. OCLC’s AI for metadata maintenance and cataloging is developed by academic catalogers and aims to use AI for the purposes of metadata enrichment, classification and categorization, AI-driven recommendations, overall enhancement of the user experience (UX), and language translation for multilingual collections. 

Library leadership is also looking into competing technologies (Ex Libris Rapido)  and is assessing the feasibility of scholarly studies on the subject.

Using AI to Assist with Answering Chat Reference Questions


Reference chatbot can serve as the first point of contact with library chat patrons routing them to ready-reference answers. Conversational reference chatbot can offer around-the clock reference support for library patrons. 


Reference Chatbot (provided through Springshare’s LibAnswers Chatbot feature) serves as the first point of contact for chat patrons, guiding them through options, and passing them on to a particular resource or librarian as needed. This frees up librarian time allowing them to focus on the higher level reference questions.

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