New Issue of OzarksWatch Magazine is Out

New Issue of OzarksWatch Magazine is Out

Cover of OzarksWatch MagazineA new issue of the popular general periodical called OzarksWatch Magazine has been published. It explores the depiction of the Ozarks over the years in motion pictures. 

Articles in this issue focus on

  • Pearl White, an actress from the silent movie era best remembered for the Perils of Pauline series
  • The series of rube comedies (B-films) made by the Weaver Brothers & Elviry
  • Two articles about the life and legend of Jesse James
  • Ma Barker
  • Winter’s Bone
  • The recent film, locally produced, about the Bald Knobbers
  • A documentary about highway robbers who terrified the citizens of Fair Grove, Missouri

This issue includes other articles, book reviews, and appreciation of Bob Flanders, who help found the magazine and recently passed. 

Two issues of OzarksWatch Magazine are published per year. An annual subscription costs $16, and single issues are $10 each. 

The next issue will explore the general theme of foraging in the Ozarks. 

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