Panel Discussions Result in an Accordion Wall on Wheels

Panel Discussions Result in an Accordion Wall on Wheels

accordion wall on wheelsFor several years the library management and building coordination teams in Duane G. Meyer Library have been discussing and exploring ways to divide up access to various floors and areas within the building. Many of the possible solutions proved to be prohibitively expensive. For years, the gate at the top of the interior ramp and lockable doors on individual rooms were the only ways to limit access to various sections of the building sections of the building. We needed more options. 

The current COVID-19 pandemic has made this need even more acute. As we head into the end of the semester period, followed by Finals Week, we are unsure how many people will need access to the building. 

Nathan Neuschwander, one of the leaders of the building coordinators team, found a supplier of flexible “accordion” walls on wheels that are very functional, easy to move and deploy, and affordable. The first one arrived this week. 

The initial “use case” is to be able to limit public access to the First (main) level of the Duane G. Meyer Library during Finals Week, if late night and early morning demand is higher than expected (the main lobby is accessible 24/7 by BearPass). 

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