Over 26,000 Visitors in One Week

Over 26,000 Visitors in One Week

Photo of the Carillon Tower at Duane G. Meyer LibraryDuring the first week of December — the final week of classes for the fall semester — over 26,000 people entered Duane G. Meyer Library on the Springfield campus of Missouri State University.

If such high foot traffic were experienced 50 weeks throughout the year, we would have well over 1.3 million annual visitors. In reality, we have approx. 750,000 visitors per year. 

Tuesday, December 3rd was the busiest day of last week, when over 4,750 people entered the building. 

This week, of course, is Finals Week, a very busy time for students, faculty, and staff, with many visits to the library. As usual, Duane G. Meyer Library remained open continuously throughout Finals Week. 

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