MSU Libraries Support MSU Lead

MSU Libraries Support MSU Lead

image of an individual leaderRecently the MSU Libraries began supporting the MSU LEAD Program (Leadership, Education, And Development) by having a small collection of leadership books, located in the recently renovated “Living Room” on the First (main) Level of Duane G. Meyer Library. 

Developed and managed by MSU’s Human Resources, LEAD creates and prepares leaders at every level of the organization. It also supports MSU’s vision to: 

  • Be an employer of choice by providing supervisors opportunities to explore their leadership capabilities
  • Be responsible and transparent stewards of MSU’s resources
  • Work for continuous improvement in our programs, policies, and procedures
  • Be collaborative, to promote meaningful partnerships that further MSU’s goals

Several employees of the MSU Libraries already have completed the “LEAD Others” component of the LEAD Program. 

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