Combined Service Point Coming to Duane G. Meyer Library

Combined Service Point Coming to Duane G. Meyer Library

Service point in the U of Central Missouri LibraryThis summer we will be combining three current service points into one, conveniently-located service point. The three services points to be combined are:

  1. Circulation Desk on the First Level
  2. Research and Instructional Services Desk on the First Level
  3. Music & Media Service Counter on the Second Level

A transition team soon will form to undertake and complete this consolidation and the related changes. The team will consist of Tom Peters, Rachel Besara, Lindsey Taggart, and one team member each from the three units that are directly affected, chosen by those units: RIS, Access Services, and Music & Media.

The new service point will be located near the top of the interior ramp, just to the south of the dual public elevators. The target date to complete the consolidation of service points is Thursday, August 1, 2019.

Pictured is the consolidated service point at the University of Central Missouri library in Warrensburg.


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