BearWorks Institutional Repository Receives Heavy Use

BearWorks Institutional Repository Receives Heavy Use

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The master’s theses and other scholarship created here at Missouri State University, have a new digital home in BearWorks, the institutional repository of MSU.

BearWorks, a service of the MSU Libraries, is a growing compilation of research, scholarship, and publications done at Missouri State. It has been receiving heavy use, when measured by the number of copies downloaded. The top five theses, in terms of number of downloads per day to date, are listed below.

  1. 3,160: Horse-Stealing and Man-Hanging: an Examination of Vigilantism in the Missouri Ozarks, by Connie Yen
  2. 2,731: Practicing Positive Coping Strategies For Managing Math Anxiety In A Secondary Mathematics Classroom, by Courtney Kathleen Smith-Nelson
  3. 1,038: Rivalry in the Middle East: The History of Saudi-Iranian Relations and its Implications on American Foreign Policy, by Derika Weddington
  4. 44 (since December 17, 2018): Nesting Success and Habitat Preference of the Barn Owl (Tyto alba) in Southwest Missouri, Samantha Ann Meilink
  5. 735: Cayley Graphs of Groups and Their Applications, by Anna Tripi


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